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Over the past decade or so we have had several conversations with friends, family and clients and repeatedly we heard the same thing: "You should start a remodeling and renovation company." They all had the same complaint: "Finding a reliable contractor and handyman seems virtually impossible." They all experienced first-hand the failure to return phone calls, show up for appointments, and perform follow up communication. Basically the overall experience was generally poor customer service. Turquoise saw the deficiency in the renovation industry and decided to expand our home building company and offer the services of a quality and reliable renovation and remodeling contractor in Maryland and Delaware. The opportunity to start a company servicing the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Delaware and Virginia with quality work and positive customer service was sure to become a huge success. The years have sped by and our renovations and remodeling division is growing at a phenomenal speed. We understand that home improvement comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and budgets and we look forward to each and every challenge regardless of which end of the spectrum the project evolves from.

In our experience jobs are unsuccessful because there was never a defined and carefully laid out plan. The key advantage to construction planning is to have a carefully thought out comprehensive package of services. We work with the client, architect and specialty designers to develop a concept. We turn this concept into reality and take responsibility for cost accounting and management of the construction process. By the end of the job there are no surprises.

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What our homeowners have to say

"Our sincerest and deepest thanks for lending your talents and vision to our renovation. From the first meeting, to the architects renderings, to your final punch lists, you have truly been a pleasure to work with. We want to thank your husband too. Joe got "called in" on quite a few issues, and was gracious enough to help us. Our condo is a work of beauty, and you deserve all the credit for that."

Jeff and Jane White

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