Interior Design

Turquoise takes a different approach to the interior design business with "Design Development and Management". When you engage the talents of Ocean City interior decorator Michelle Dashiell to do the interior design work you are employing a team of professionals with years of decorating experience. The scope of the work, budgetary parameters and the complexity of the job will determine who from our team of professionals will be involved in turning your home into the home of your dreams.

Kitchen And Bath Designs

Are you struggling with an inconvenient, outdated kitchen or bathroom? We provide design plans for just a one-room project. The kitchen has long been known as the heart of the home. Let us optimize your space to create a perfect environment for you and your family. Revive your tiresome bathroom, making it fresh and new again. We have thousands of resources from which to choose exciting kitchen and bath products, giving our clients the flexibility to create a show stopping one of a kind piece of art or to take a more practical approach by focusing more on the functionality and practicality of the space at hand.

Home Staging

Do we ever get a second chance to make a first impression? Let home staging set you apart from other listings. This powerful marketing tool incorporates proven techniques to sell your home. Let our eye for detail prepare your home for a quick sale. We consider a property’s curb appeal and architectural details while de-personalizing to create an environment that the buyers can envision themselves in.

According to the February 8, 2004 Denver Post, "National Association of REALTORS® findings show that staged homes sell 50 percent faster than non-staged homes." On April 30, 2003, The Wall Street Journal reported that, "…staging speeds up sales in a sluggish market and can bump up prices from two percent to ten percent in a moderate market..." Your home is quite possibly your largest investment. You deserve to get what it's worth!

Space Planning

Turquoise offers a comprehensive residential space planning service. This service is about utilization of interior space. We will look at the existing space to see what opportunities we should consider. We will look at the benefits of creating new extensions and how it would affect the existing space in its current state. Our aim is to demonstrate how the home could be altered to meet your lifestyle. Both minor and major renovations could be considered in order to maximize the potential of the existing space. For example we may suggest that a load-bearing wall be replaced with structural columns to create a more intelligent floor plan thus allowing better flow throughout the property.

Just as your sense of style reveals who you are, so does the way you decorate your home. Home decorating is a language all its own. It's a wordless means of communication. As with fashion, the way you choose to decorate can also be influenced by trends, people, location and emotion; as if that was not enough we are bombarded daily by fresh new ideas. That's enough to overwhelm anyone.

Have you ever wanted to reorganize your living room or bedroom, redesign your kitchen or master bathroom or are you building a new home and starting from scratch? If the answer is yes, this is where Turquoise comes in. Just provide us with a few details about yourself and take a simple survey; then sit back, relax and we will do the rest. For a fraction of what you would pay an on-site interior decorator, our ideas and years of industry experience will lead you to the freshest looks and provide you with resources to buy everything you need. You will receive a step-by-step manual with a plan that you can implement today or at your pace. Don't want to do it all? This manual will give you a jumping off place to complete your dream room or house at your leisure and on your budget. The result: Gorgeous! But most importantly it will reveal who you are and what your lifestyle is.

What our homeowners have to say

"Our sincerest and deepest thanks for lending your talents and vision to our renovation. From the first meeting, to the architects renderings, to your final punch lists, you have truly been a pleasure to work with. We want to thank your husband too. Joe got "called in" on quite a few issues, and was gracious enough to help us. Our condo is a work of beauty, and you deserve all the credit for that."

Jeff and Jane White

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