Design Consulting and Management

When you engage the talents of Michelle Dashiell to do the interior design work you are employing a team of professionals with years of industry experience in the fields of construction, architecture, lighting, cabinetry, landscape architecture, and retail. The scope of the work, budgetary parameters and the complexity of the job will determine who from our team of professionals will be involved in turning your home into the home of your dreams.

Starting with the "bones" makes my approach to design different. When you walk into a home that is completely devoid of any furniture and you instantly fall in love - you know that you have found a home with character and personality. It is the moldings, ceiling treatments, door styles, millwork etc., not the fabric and furniture, that separate an extraordinary home from an ordinary home. How would you prefer to be remembered - by the outfit you wore or for you?

My philosophy is simple. I like and appreciate many different styles but I tend to err on the side of simplicity where less is better. I prefer to see the beauty of the room, not the stuff. I believe that a home needs good bones first. It needs to be welcoming and gracious. Building on the architectural interest first and then enhancing that with a few special pieces of art and a pop of great fabric and good furniture. I am not a label head or namedropper. I am more concerned about the quality, functionality and practicality of a home. It needs to work for you and your family. Your home needs to stand the test of time. It is your haven and you need to be able to live, play and entertain your friends there. I believe the homeowner needs to be involved in the design decisions and the implementation of the design work so that he or she is comfortable when the job is complete. My team's objective is to make sure that your home is your style and our knowledge guides you on a pleasurable and unforgettable journey.

Project Management

Joseph T. Dashiell Construction Inc. and our team are experienced project managers. Our management is disciplined and we ensure that you will receive the quality you expect within the time frame we promise. We understand that time is precious and we won't waste yours. Careful planning and pre-construction preparation is the key to keeping the job on course. Throughout the entire project we keep you fully informed on all aspects of the work that is being preformed. We have an outstanding record for completing projects on time and within budget. When the project is complete we are available for year-end punch work and for any advice that you may need. Joseph T. Dashiell Construction Incorporated provides management services to residents along Maryland, Delaware and Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Pre-Construction Development

At Turquoise details drive our enthusiasm. Pre-construction development is a three-tiered process. The Concept, the Execution and the Installation. We will work with you and your architect to create an organizational map that will include schematic drawings, technical drawings and a detailed specification schedule. The specification schedule will detail painting, moldings, plumbing fixtures, appliances, kitchen and bath cabinet layouts, lighting fixtures and flooring. This schedule is the communication tool between venders, architects, builders and sub-contractors. We will job cost everything to the penny saving you costly change order fees during the construction phase. This comprehensive package of services will be the single most used tool throughout the entire construction process. This service eliminates the hassles and headaches and assures on-time delivery of your home, office or commercial business space.

Builder and Architects Services

In this ever-changing economy, builders and architects can't always have the staff or the resources to provide their client with the professional hands-on care and guidance they demand. With over 17 years of industry experience, I will provide you and your client with complete and accurate specifications to advance your job. I understand that time is money. I am not your typical Interior designer and I speak the same language as you. I understand the timelines that are associated with custom home building. For example, in advance of the completed framing phase, you will have accurate ordering information for the plumbing rough in valves etc. Turquoise will work with your client to ensure that all the tedious and time-consuming finish selections are chosen within a timely fashion.

Here is how it works. The builder/architect will secure the client. The builder/architect will subcontract with Turquoise for design management services. The scope of work will be defined and Turquoise will guide and assist your client in making all the selections that are within that scope of work. This can be as small as a kitchen or bath renovation or it can be an entire home.

Turquoise will follow the client through the many construction phases and can be available for on-site progress meetings, revisiting selections due to changes in the scope of work, reordering because of discontinued items, value engineering or any problem that might arise as it pertains to the selections of the finish products. Let Turquoise research prices, set up appointments with vendors and accompany your client, and locate and price specialty products. Most importantly we’ll help keep your client on track and within budget or allowance amount to eliminate change orders that cause delays in the schedule and overruns that could ultimately cost you time and money. My goal is to provide a link between the contractor/architect and the client that will allow for a seamless and smooth building experience and in the end, provide you with a more professional personal experience.

What our homeowners have to say

"Our sincerest and deepest thanks for lending your talents and vision to our renovation. From the first meeting, to the architects renderings, to your final punch lists, you have truly been a pleasure to work with. We want to thank your husband too. Joe got "called in" on quite a few issues, and was gracious enough to help us. Our condo is a work of beauty, and you deserve all the credit for that."

Jeff and Jane White

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